Nina Alizadeh Marandi


Mercator Fellowship on International Affairs

Period of the Fellowship

October 2023 - September 2024

Project title

Exploring Multilateral Strategies to Counter the Outsourcing of Social and Environmental Costs Intensified by Global Crises

Short biography

During her fellowship, Nina will focus on the intersection of business and human rights. In particular, she will focus on corporate responsibility and accountability for human rights violations within supply chains. She will scrutinize tools of multilateralism and the legal combat of such structures through strategic litigation. Nina is a human rights lawyer and completed a Master of Laws (LL.M.) in Jerusalem, where she studied the international human rights protection system in the context of the Middle East conflict.
Nina gained professional experience in various NGOs and international organizations, focusing on legal policy work and policy advice. She has worked at the German Institute for Human Rights and the Permanent Mission of the Federal Republic to the United Nations, among others. Most recently, Nina served as a legal advisor at the NGO Sea-Watch.