Julian Niklas Pohl

Programme: Mercator Fellowship on International Affairs
Year: Jahrgang 2018
Project Title: "More than just a game?" - Sustainable development processes and social initiatives in international football
Organization: Streetfootballworld, Indochina Starfish Foundation
As a Mercator Fellow, he works towards using football as a tool for international cooperation and a better integration of football clubs and federations in developmental initiatives. He understands football as a powerful phenomenon that inspires processes of social growth and intercommunal understanding. Julian has gained professional experience at the Berlin-based think tank Global Public Policy Institute (GPPi), the political communication agency ressourcenmangel, and the German Federal Parliament. He spent a year working as an English teacher in Thailand and has worked and volunteered as a football coach for most of his adult life. Julian holds a master's degree (MPhil) in Politics from the University of Oxford and a bachelor's degree in Political Science from Free University of Berlin.